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American airport lounges to put in a word are ‘dull’. Unlike their European, Middle East and Asia-Pacific counterparts, the lounges are uninspired, tired and generally basic. Sometimes it is better for a traveller to find food and drink in the terminal than rely on the lacklustre options that await in the lounge buffet. Over the last couple of years United and American have (in part) re-inspired the lounge for American standards with their premium lounge products, Polaris and Flagship respectively. American has slowly rolled out its Flagship product for First/ top premium flying customers and the lounges despite being rolled out ever so slowly, have so far have been a success. Having visited the Dallas and New York lounges, TAT went to check into its Miami counterpart to see if it stacked up.

Qantas to pull out of Beijing market in March 2020

Qantas has experienced a bit of turbulence of late in the Chinese market. The rise and rise of a number of cheaper Chinese airlines flooding the market coupled with a slowing down of demand has seen the airline (for the third time now) pull the plug on its Sydney – Beijing route. The route will continue to operate through to March 2020 with the airline then linking customers onto alternative routes/ codeshare partners to get them to the Chinese capital.

Virgin set to axe Melb – HK flights

In the wake of Virgin Australia’s announcement that it’ll fly daily Brisbane – Tokyo from late March 2020, the airline has swung the axe into its daily flights between Melbourne and Hong Kong. The move comes as part of the airline’s recent review into route profitability after a dismal $315 million loss in earning this year.

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