Qantas B787 overkill?

Where does a line get drawn between promotion and over communication? Qantas may have a great looking product in the form of the Boeing 787 but the amount of promotion surrounding this could be viewed as overdone.

Yes, you have a new plane and yes it will fly a very long distance from Perth to London non-stop but you are not the first airline to receive this aircraft. In fact, it was Qantas’ low cost carrier Jetstar who took the honour of receiving it first in Australia. Jetstar did not make a song and dance about it instead merely acknowledging the fuel efficiencies that have helped bolster the airline’s bottom line.

When the Qantas A380 was launched I don’t recall the campaign around it and to me that aircraft presented the aviation sector with something ground breaking. Qantas back then was one of the first to receive it yet didn’t really sell it like the B787.

Currently Qantas is showcasing the B787 around Australia, making a stopover to numerous Australian cities before it takes to the skies for its regular Melbourne to Los Angeles route.

For me the overkill comes down to the fact that Qantas is spruiking a product that has been on the aviation scene for quite some time. If the product was quite new or they had been one of the first to use the B787 then the publicity would be more warranted.

What are your thoughts on the new Qantas B787? Are you feeling as excited as Qantas or feel like it has been done before with United, Jetstar, LATAM and Jal to name a few?

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