Addiction to flying

Is there such a thing as an addiction to flying? For some they simply cannot wait to get off the plane whilst for others they feel quite at home on-board. I have been on occasion told by friends when they see me check-in for another flight online “You are off again?” or “Are you ever home?” Whilst they may be simply taking a pot shot, their remarks have got me thinking…do I have a flying addiction?

For me flying is seen (even on a business trip) as a way to escape the world. Up to a couple of years ago you could turn the world off with a switch of your phone or laptop and not have to think about life or work for a few hours or even a day. As technology creeps in with new ways to communicate that sanctuary is not the same as it once was but I am a creature of habit and still continue to fly interruption free (no matter how luring free WiFi can be). However this doesn’t quantify as addictive behaviour but merely comfort.

Some flyers view travel as simply something of an indulgence; especially when travelling in premium classes. Admittedly when I have flown business or first I find myself not wanting my journey to end and am often surprised when the announcement from the cabin alerts passengers the plane is preparing for landing as I don’t even look at my watch once.

Apparently (and I’m no psychologist) the key to knowing if you suffer a flying addiction is to look at what you are doing now. Are you looking out the window watching planes going by and knowing the exact model aircraft or are you on FlightRadar24 watching planes across the globe and wishing you were on one? If you are perhaps may have tendencies towards a flying addiction but then again you could simply be suffering persistent holidays blues. I will let you be the judge.

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