My first trial of the inflight Qantas Wifi

There was no mention prior to my departure via the Qantas App or during the check-in process that I would be boarding one of the Qantas wifi enabled planes. Since April 2017 I had heard Qantas was slowly rolling out the technology across 80 of its domestic fleet of B737s and A330s by the end of 2018.

Having flown as regularly as I do it is a surprise that it has taken me almost nine months to connect with this technology on a Qantas flight but to get a wifi enabled aircraft twice in the space of a week was a welcome gift.

How does it work?

Once onboard, you can use your own device to connect and log in to our Qantas inflight Wi-Fi. Once you’re on, you’ll be greeted by the homepage that gives you Netflix, Stan, Spotify and Cricket access. These features are in addition to the ability to surf the web.


I decided to base my review based on my two encounters rather than the initial experience. To put it simply it wasn’t fast and the wifi at times even dropped out for me during the simplest of tasks such as uploading a status update on Facebook. I found I had to retry four times before giving up on the status.


I tried to use Stan but found the application froze before I could even review the episode select. Email on the other hand worked well and I was able to send and receive emails 35000 ft up in the sky with no issues.

Screenshot_20171230-101810.pngThe real test was internet speed reader which kept crashing on me. The fact that I could not even get a speed reading on the Qantas wifi showed that the experience for me was generally poor. The Qantas wifi in the terminals on the ground is a stronger product.

I am sure that this in time will have the kinks ironed out. For now the wifi was an up and down affair that needed improvement compared to my interactions with the inflight wifi product of Emirates and Qatar which were much quicker and superior.



Have you experienced the Qantas inflight wifi for yourself? I would love to hear what you thought about it.





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