The legacy of Airbus A380: View

emirates_a380_landing[1].jpgI’ve always had a fascination with the superjumbo. Being a self-confessed Airbus fan, the giant of the skies to me evokes an iconic status in the same vein as the Boeing 747. Seeing at the airport excites me every time; no matter how many times by now I have seen or flown on it. Yes, the A380 is that spectacular to me.

There has been a lot of noise around the B787 and the A350 but neither wow me. Yes they offer efficiencies and are easy to fill but there is nothing exciting about either. I have heard no one utter the words “I can’t wait to fly the 787”. Like Mean Girls’ Gretchen trying to make fetch happen I feel like telling off Qantas and saying “Stop trying to make 787 happen. It’s not going to happen!”

Currently Airbus is in talks with Emirates on a new deal but if that falls through the superjumbo I love will be at major risk. The deal was meant to be signed and sealed at the Dubai Air Show but suffered a setback despite the company offering to revamp the model with fuel saving winglets and extra seats on top of the standard 550. Emirates is the largest operator of the A380 with over 100 of the beauties taking to the skies as part of their fleet.

Should the worst-case scenario happen Airbus has enough orders to last into the next decade at current production rates. I am hopeful a deal can be struck as there is room in the market for a model the size of the A380, especially around congested routes where the demand will grow stronger as the world’s population increases.

I can only hope and wish to see this beautiful bird in the skies for quite some time to come! Guess time will tell (and if a Emirates deal is brokered successfully).

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