VIP treatment at Melb Etihad Lounge now more than a pipe dream for economy flyers


For many infrequent flyers the dream of sipping champagne and escaping the noises and smells of the terminal whilst waiting for your flight overseas is often just a dream. More often or not the bag of warmed up sweets or an overpriced beer in the food court is all that can suffice.

For those flying on Etihad out of Melbourne however this could be your lucky day with the UAE giant slashing the price of its lounge entry for those with champagne tastes on a (premium) beer budget.

Etihad Guest frequent flyer scheme members will now be charged $75 per person (previously $99) to visit the lounge if they’re not flying in business class or first class, whilst Silver Etihad Guest members will fork out $65 for the privilege.

Additionally, with Etihad switching from the A380 to the B787, the private VIP room (previously reserved for those fortunate jet setters flying the A380 three-room Residence suite) has been made available for a token $40 fee.

Understandably the move has left some frequent flyers feathers ruffled with the space exclusivity being lost during a quick buck but the question is how many of those flying economy would pay up for the privilege of a couple of hours lounging around? I for one would but then again I like being pampered before flying 22 hours of hell to London if I had to be stowed away in cattle class.

For more information on the new entry fees visit the Etihad website.

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