Qantas launches new safety video

Gone are the days when safety videos use to be a bit of a snooze fest, particularly for frequent flyers who endured the long video through gritted teeth on every flight. Now airlines are making these video ‘safety entertaining’.

Air NZ holds the crown for possessing some of the most engaging and hilarious videos out there and even the cute kitty in the 2014 United video even manages to make me crack a smile but it is Qantas’ savvy and stylish safety video from 2016 that impressed critics worldwide. Now Qantas has launched a follow up video and it is more fair dinkum ‘Aussie’ in flair.

Yes there are more of those glamorous locations with Cottesloe Beach in WA featuring but now the video has expanding to more global sectors with places like Chile, Tokyo and Joburg featuring to name a few.

I admit watching the Qantas video initially does has a sense of wow factor but after a few views like any form of entertainment (if one can call it that) it gets a tad dull. What is sadly lacking is a bit of sass such as the cheeky line from the 2016 video where a woman at a wedding flags the importance of knowing where the nearest exit is. Gold! I wonder how long it took the script writer to think of that one?!


What do you think of Qantas’ new safety video – love? Hate?



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