Lounge: Qantas Domestic Business Lounge

Alliance: Oneworld

Location: Brisbane Domestic Airport

Lounge Rating: 5/5 Stars




The Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Brisbane is something quite special right from the moment you check into the airport. Not simply a revamp, the Premium Business Lounge (which was reopened in 2017) was completely reworked from the ground up.

The Australian Traveler was eager to checked in and find out if the lounge stacked up on its ‘innovative premium experience’.

Lounge access options

  • Qantas Platinum and Platinum One members
  • First and Business class passengers (travelling on Qantas Domestic Business class or connecting to/from a Qantas or Emirates international flight)
  • Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members (travelling on flights marketed and operated by Qantas or a Oneworld airline)
  • Emirates Platinum Skyward Members
  • Platinum Eastern Miles Members when travelling on a Qantas operated domestic flight

Lounge Location and Opening Hours

The lounge is hard to miss with signage everywhere on the ground floor of Qantas departures directing passengers to the designated ‘premium lounge entry’. The slick fast-track entrance is an impressive benefit for time poor premium and top tier frequent flyers travellers. Once checked through security, head straight up the escalator where you will land into a general lounge precinct that houses the Qantas Club, the Qantas Premium Business Lounge and Chairmans Lounge. The Qantas Domestic Business Lounge is open daily from 5am – 11pm.





The lounge was fairly quiet when I first arrived but quickly picked up in people traffic. Despite the crowd numbers at no point did I feel overcrowded. One noticeable feature was the use of more shared social spaces with little individual seating areas on offer for solo travellers.

The L shaped lounge boasts a distinctively Queensland feel, particularly with its use of local materials and colour palette inspired by Moreton Bay. Plants and natural light help to further enhance the outdoor feel whilst providing the lounge with a sense of additional space.




The bathrooms are equally impressive and well fitted with quality touches. On my visit alone the majority of the shower rooms were being used so there seems to definitely be a need domestically for these facilities no matter what time of day it is.


Bread and butter (food and drink)




The Brisbane Premium Business Lounge has gone above and beyond in this area. When I first saw Perth’s pizza oven a couple of years back I was wowed. This lounge takes the concept one step further. Qantas has ditched the pizza oven and decided to offer Queenslanders The Cantina, which focuses on Mexican delicacies. Prepare to sample anything from freshly-made empanadas, fritters, baked potatoes and quesadillas. I went with the fritters and they were did not fail to impressive.


If you prefer something less salsa and more traditional fare, there is an extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes to choose from.




Drinks wise, there is the usual barista and bar services which offer a decent selection of drinks but it is the Quench hydration station (a first for Qantas lounges) that shines. My pick is the Bickford’s Pink Grapefruit which can also be found served on Qantas international economy routes.





Despite my brief time in the lounge (yes I could have easily whittled away more time here), I found my experience to be quite enjoyable and relaxing. The fast track entrance allowed me to utilise my time more effectively in the lounge and not in security line.

Food and drink is impressive and the Mexican cantina section is the real star of the show. I maybe biased here because I love Mexican cuisine but the extensive dish options really does offer something for everything.

If I had to criticise anything about my experience, it would be the the use of shared seating. Gone are the days are solo spaces for solo travellers it seems. For someone wanting to work privately and not be disturbed, this is not the lounge for it.

That said I’ll be back here for sure and ready with a empty stomach willing to try all items on the Mexican menu.



Have you experienced the Qantas Domestic Business Lounge in Brisbane? Love to hear from you about your time in lounge – was it outstanding or did the lounge fail to take off on your expectations?

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