This biggest aviation news over the weekend is yes, a good old fashion history making aviation story. For well over a year Qantas had been teasing the aviation sector with their promised first non-stop flight to Europe, which in turn is the world’s first scheduled commercial flight operating nonstop from Australia to Europe.

QF9 made the trip on Saturday evening and admittedly I was checking on online to see how it was trekking across the globe. The flight arrived earlier than planned to much fanfare on the ground with roaring cheers and an upbeat celebration between the two nations.


Early feedback so far from the flight is mixed. If you are in the front end of the plane in Business or Premium Economy, the flight was a dream but if you were in economy, unless you are a deep sleeper, the flight may have left your bottom a bit well, sore.

Qantas states it has made every effort to ensure the journey for everyone in all classes, including economy, more comfortable. In fact economy has more legroom than a standard B787 layout where 300 economy seats is the norm but on Qantas the number is 236. That said sitting in a 3-3-3 configuration for over 17 hours is quite testing in economy and I am sure not pleasant despite the efforts made by Qantas.

The flight is being operated daily using a Boeing 787-9, uses 100.6 tonnes of fuel, and flies a total distance of 14,498 kilometres. QF9/ Q10 is now officially the world’s second longest flight with the honour of first place going to Qatar Airway’s Auckland to Doha flight.

With wheels up now on the return leg for QF10, it will be interesting to see how the route performs long term once the hype and novelty of such a flight starts to quieten down.



Were you on the inaugural flight or are you set to soon take off on the new Qantas Perth-London nonstop route? Keen to hear your thought on QF9/ QF10.


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