For years Qantas has prided itself on being an airline that is full service where everything from food, baggage and entertainment is included. As a full service airline you pay a premium and Qantas’ prices reflect that. Now the airline is rumoured to have some weird hair brain scheme to introduce a ‘buy on board’ for meals and inflight movies.

Before one jumps up and down madly at this idea, it is merely a rumour. That said I was privy to a Qantas Advisory Panel, an invitation-only group of frequent flyers regularly polled to assess the airline’s future plans. The hour conversation discussed a number of concepts, including new app designs and I was staunch on my position that as a full service airline I expected the basics included. I said to the group that if I wanted to purchase on board I would have flown Jetstar.

The cost cutting measure move would be a major u turn for Qantas who has for years sold its full-service promise that every passenger on every fare gets a meal and checked baggage. Instead passengers would be charged for meals, movies and even checked luggage under a new pricing model.

The concept isn’t anything new and has been for years embedded in Air New Zealand’s fare set up which offers three packages – Seat, Seat + Bag and The Works.

It is sad to see Qantas even entertaining the concept. Considering they have Jetstar for this already why would the airline go down this route? If that’s the case why not scrap Jetstar or best yet merge Qantas under Jetstar? Like a number of other loyal Qantas frequent flyers who have expressed anger at this possible concept, can only hope that such stupidity is dumped asap.


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