Qantas has collaborated with Sydney Airport to trial in new airport checkin technology which will change the way we fly.

Passengers on select Qnatas international flights will take part in a groundbreaking trial of facial recognition programming at Sydney Airport. The new biometrics technology allows travellers to pass through most stages of the airport experience without needing a passport or boarding pass. This means that travellers will be able to stand in front of a camera and computer at check-in, bag-drop, get lounge access and more importantly boarding.

Whilst this sounds quite promising and I’m all for convenience and faster process, I feel a bit apprehensive about the new technology; namely the security around it and what would happen if the technology went down. Would we be able to revert back so easily to the current process we enjoy today? If not I can see a lot of delay headaches happening here especially when technology has gone down in airports in the past which has in turn delayed or cancelled flights.

Additionally with so much automation in our lives I feel that this would strip away any personalisation. Qantas promises that the new technology will better tailor the experience for the traveller but I feel the human interaction will be more limited and for me that’s not necessarily a good thing especially when technology cannot make any judgement calls by itself. I guess time will tell.



What do you think of the new checkin technology? Would you be keen to use this?


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