About Us

About Us

The Australian Business Traveler (TAT) is an independent travel news and review website that speaks with an open mind and not in it for the junkets like some aviation media.

The site has a number of freelance contributors who have a diverse range of travel experiences and are not afraid to tell you how it is.

We’re a bunch of nomads/ wanderers/ global citizens with passion for aviation and travel and want to share it with you! See you next time at the boarding gate šŸ™‚

About the founder


Hi I’m Chris Anderson-Peters. Ever found yourself looking up at the sky whenever a plane flies over and trying to make out the airline and aircraft type or sitting at work on the computer trawling through holiday sites thinking about that next holiday? Welcome to my world!

To be frank I’m not sure where the passion for travel came from but I felt the travel bug bite me at a young age when my father used to travel a lot for business. Luckily back then (when workplace benefits extended a bit more to family) I was able to visit America and France at a very young age. I remember waking up as a nine year old to Easter in Paris. It was those simple yet magical moments abroad like that which I cherish to this day.

I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve flown around the world but what I can tell you is that I feel enriched for every one of those trips, no matter how poor or great the experience was.

I set up the website becauseĀ I wanted to create an online space where business travellers and av geeks can share their experiences and interests aroundĀ travel (from flying, hotels reviews to general travel activities).


Places I’ve visited

  • UK ( England: London, Nottingham, Yorkshire, Windsor, Ireland: Dublin and Cork)
  • Western Europe (Luxembourg, Deutschland: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, France: Paris, Strasbourg, Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Italy: Milan, Lake Como, Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva, Spain: Barcelona, Tarragona, Austria: Vienna, Graz, Belgium: Brussels, etc)
  • Eastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia)
  • USA (California: Los Angeles, San Fran, Wyoming, South Dakota, NYC, Florida: Miami, Illinois: Chicago, Texas: Houston, Dallas)
  • Asia (Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo, Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong)
  • New Zealand (finally got here for the first time in 2017)


Bucket List places I dream of visiting

  • Cuba
  • South America (All of it if possible; so much to explore and do from Rio’s beaches to Peru’s Machu Picchu)
  • Canada
  • Iceland