Etihad and Flybuys partnership to end this month


Etihad has been going down a very sad and slippery slope the last year or two. After so much gloss and grandeur, the shine is really taking a beating on the airline. Like I have stated in the past and continue to say, Etihad to me wowed as a new kid on the block. Their premium product I felt was one of the best out there in aviation market.  Fast forward and Etihad is cutting and slashing like crazy to get itself back in the black. The latest cut is the Flybuys and Etihad Guest partnership with the three year old relationship set to dissolve on 31 July 2018.

The news comes after cardholders who had experienced issues being unable to convert their Flybuys points into Etihad Guest miles since December 2017. At the time the two claims it was down to ‘technical issue’.

From July 31 2018 linked members will no longer be able to redeem their Flybuys points for Etihad Guest Miles, collect Flybuys points via the Flybuys-Etihad booking portal or link their Flybuys and Etihad Guest memberships.

All outstanding Tier Miles from Flybuys will be credited to a traveller’s Etihad Guest account by the end of August 2018.

I’m not sure this is one of the smartest moves by Etihad as it had the potential to reach out to new audiences but then again I am not across the logistics of the partnership and whether the cost was worth the reward for Etihad at the end of the day.



Qantas and Air France review french love affair partnership in the skies


Admittedly when I first heard the news I was a little excited. For me Air France and France in general has a special place in my heart. French being French is just something j’adore.

The news I am referring to is the renewed codeshare agreement between Air France and Qantas which will connect Australia and Paris with more options than ever before via Hong Kong and Singapore.

Available for booking from 5 June for travel from 20 July 2018, Air France will add its code to Qantas flights between Hong Kong and Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and between Singapore and Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The agreement will see the codeshare on over 200 weekly flights.

Air France eligible customers will also be able to access Qantas lounges in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, as well as Qantas eligible customers to Air France lounges in Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore.  

Light schedules (local time) operated by Air France July-October 2018:

  • AF256: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 20:50, arrives in Singapore at 15:45 the following day;
  • AF257: leaves Singapore at 22:35, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 6:00 the following day. (daily flight)
  • AF188: leaves Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 23:35, arrives in Hong Kong at 17:35 the following day;
  • AF185: leaves Hong Kong at 22:50, arrives at Paris-Charles de Gaulle at 5:55 the following day. (daily flight)


Daily flight schedules (local time) operated by Qantas July-October 2018:

  • QF002: leaves Singapore at 19:30, arrives in Sydney at 5:10 the following day;
  • QF082: leaves Singapore at 21:10, arrives in Sydney at 7:00 the following day;
  • QF036: leaves Singapore at 20:15, arrives in Melbourne at 5:35 the following day;
  • QF052: leaves Singapore at 20:40, arrives in Brisbane at 6:05 the following day;
  • QF072: leaves Singapore at 18:40, arrives in Perth at 23:55.
  • QF081: leaves Sydney at 10:15, arrives in Singapore at 16:50;
  • QF035: leaves Melbourne at 11:55, arrives in Singapore at 17:55;
  • QF051: leaves Brisbane at 12:00, arrives in Singapore at 18:15;
  • QF071: leaves Perth at 11:50, arrives in Singapore at 17:20.
  • QF128: leaves Hong Kong at 20:00, arrives in Sydney at 6:55 the following day;
  • QF118: leaves Hong Kong at 23:25, arrives in Sydney at 10:50 the following day;
  • QF030: leaves Hong Kong at 20:10, arrives in Melbourne at 7:35 the following day;
  • QF098: leaves Hong Kong at 20:15, arrives in Brisbane at 7:05 the following day.
  • QF127: leaves Sydney at 10:35, arrives in Hong Kong at 18:00;
  • QF029: leaves Melbourne at 9:35, arrives in Hong Kong at 17:20;
  • QF097: leaves Brisbane at 10:45, arrives in Hong Kong at 18:00.



Are you are eager as I am to book a new codeshare flight to Paris under the new Qantas/ Air France partnership as I am? Keen to hear your thoughts.