Fancy a double status promotion?! I certainly do and it looks like the first of the big Australian airlines has taken fire in the first round of DSC promos for 2019. Today Virgin cheekily released a teaser on their social page with the statement “In two days, we’re going to help you soar twice as fast. Watch this space (and your inbox!)”.

Whilst the offer is not yet active, what is known about the upcoming double status promotion is that if you register and book between 1 February to 12 February 2019, you will receive double Velocity status credits when you travel on any Virgin Australia marketed and operated flight before 28 December 2019

These promotions are a great way for those who are always falling shy of the next tier to get over the line. It’s anticipated that Qantas will soon be releasing the first of their double status credit promotions in February/ March but it looks like Virgin has beaten them to the punch. Well played Virgin, well played!


Will you be taking advantage of the Velocity DSC promotion? Keen to hear your thoughts.


Passing through Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport between June 15 and August 31? Love ice cream? Well you are in luck because the good folk at Emirates are  offering free ice cream.

Yes you heard correctly. Emirates will have carts throughout the terminal offering free ice cream cups daily from 12-3am, 12:30-2:30pm, and 6-9pm. Made in-house by Emirates Flight Catering, it’s expected over two million of these cups will be served to customers this summer.

For those who like to plan ahead there are five delicious flavours available:  chocolate, vanilla, date & arabic coffee, mango sorbet, and lemon sorbet.

It’s a shame I’m not passing through DXB anytime soon (unless a spontaneous trip pops up) to be able to take advantage of this offer.

Good job Emirates on this deal. It will surely leave people wanting more!


Airlines honouring promotions post purchase: Opinion


Have you ever been in a situation with an airline where a promotion you purchased (ie. double status, double points, etc) was not met after you had booked and flown the airline?

I recently experienced a couple of these scenarios and each and every time the airline/s in question have been a) unwilling to assist due to the time of the query made or b) claim you are ineligible and make you jump through hoops to prove otherwise before simply agreeing that the promotion was indeed met and would be honoured.

Why are airlines not able to treat customers with a little more credit rather than acting distrusting and viewing their customers as people there simply to rip them off? I approached an Australian airline a month ago about a double status promotion on one booking and the other day a double points promotions, both of which had not been credited to my frequent flyer account.

On both occasions I was initially met with the answer ‘no you are not eligible’ before I fought it. Then I was met with questions asking had you done this and that and then clarifying with me if I had ticked all the boxes of eligibility for the promotion. It wasn’t until an additional hurdle of providing the original e-ticket document (which I assumed they would have something on their records) that they caved in and agreed I was now ‘eligible’.

At the end of the day I guess airlines are a tightly run ship. In a world where airlines are stripping benefits from their customers, is it too much to ask for a bit of customer service with a smile (even if it is behind a telephone)?


Have you been in a similar situation? Vent your spleen here.